Sperm leak through underwear

Hi! I'm a year-old college student who, I've heard, comes from a VERY fertile family. Is it possible for sperm to travel through the thin fabric from my boyfriend's boxers, through the thin fabric from my underwear, into my vagina and get me pregnant? I'll have to add that I have my own female ejaculate at. Scarleteen Boards: - (Archive): Sperm travel through clothes? Joey. Age: 24. young,nice,educated girl And here is a post that is actually stickied at the top of this forum about implantation bleeding: I am gathering all this information in order to write a few articles, to make more teens aware of the risks. If you and your partner were both wearing thick pants and underwear then no, you cannot get pregnant if your partner ejaculates in his pants.2,3 Sperm can only swim through fluid, such as semen or vaginal fluid so it is impossible for them to travel through his underwear and jeans and through your underwear and jeans. Becky. Age: 20. I enjoy giving 5 star sessions that are second to none. I am 34c-65-90, and i accommodate classy generous men. Travel welcome! Can sperm travel through yoga pants, underwear and a pad? Feb 6, - Hi last night my boyfriend and i were dry humping and he ejaculated through his boxers and he got my underwear pretty wet. I am really scared that i This being said, if someone were to cum on a persons legs and the sperm leaked towards the vagina, yes, you can become pregnant. If you were to merely. It is important to remember that getting pregnant through clothes is completely different than withdrawal. Withdrawal would be when the man takes his penis out of the woman's vagina immediately before ejaculating. This isn't effective (only about 70% effective), because pre-ejaculate contains sperm and can still end up.

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Pristine. Age: 18. Safe and discrete Oct 16, - Hi First its only about 2 to 5% of sperm in ejaculate and second its the wrong environment for sperm to move in, so third your find its more of a damp. According to your website, as well as superbpayday.info, sperm cannot travel through clothing, unless it's a very thin--like lace. .. I think my fear comes from the idea that if water can seep through clothing, then sperm cells and some of the ejaculatory fluid can pass through, given that they're both superbpayday.info precum go through. May 10, - me and my girlfriend dry hump with well she wears her panties and I wear nothing and when we are done there is wet spots on her panties from pre ejaculation and her juices but my question is could the sperm penetrate through her panties and possibly get her pregnant?


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