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Apr 13, - Masturbation techniques every man should try: Masturbation is just like anything else. You need to switch things up every once in a while. File:A men using a condom while - Wikimedia Commons Oksana. Age: 29. Hello.. My name is isabella. Iam inteligent lady, sensitive person with sense of humor.. For more informations text me ;)) Medical advice is not allowed on reddit. i once bought a pack of condoms and the time come for me and my girlfriend to have sex that was like 2 years ago and we have never used one lol so i masturbated into them, just for fun, its better if you use lube i must say but i still wouldn't recommend it over masturbating without one and definitely not over unprotected. Skyla. Age: 24. highly reviewed independent European I am naturally busty blonde big brown eyes amazing figure MODERATORS One night when I was at my partner's place, I saw an unused condom below his bed side. We usually don't use condom whenever we had sex and we don't have sex in his bed anymore so am very much surprised to see it. I didn't want to asked him about it because we are FWBs. And we've never had sex for a long time. Jul 25, - Posh wanking simply means to masturbate while using a condom. While the term is typically reserved for male masturbation, there is no reason for it not to apply to female masturbation as well. As a matter of fact, we've already covered using condoms with unconventional objects during masturbation, and.

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Ilona. Age: 28. exotic, sexi, and lots of fun!! Mar 16, - Condoms tend to lessen sensitivity, so they're not a usual part of masturbation. Well, most men do masturbate, even if they're in a relationship. So while I've never heard of anyone using a condom, and I'm confident most guys don't carry around condoms for that purpose, it wouldn't surprise me if some do; after all,  What is male masturbation like in space? He could be using them on top of a prostate massager in order to keep it clean. Or, if he is using them for masturbation, then his next partner will be happy that he is already used to the feeling of condoms.[Male Masturbation] Using an inflated condom for. Oct 6, - i recently thought to my self that if i can get a lubricated condom and masturbate with it on my d*#$ then i could get extreme pleasure. i have used the technique of using a sandwich bag and the mattress and its awesome but i was wondering if it would be.


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