Eros the god of love family history

Eros was the mischievous ancient Greek god of love, a minion and constant companion of the goddess Aphrodite. He is generally described as a son of Aphrodite; but as love finds its way into the hearts of men in a manner which no one knows, the poets sometimes describe him as of unknown origin (Theocrit. xiii. 2), or. Eros, Greek God of Love and Passion Jaclyn. Age: 23. hello dear gentleman Do you not see how Pallas [Athena] and Diana [Artemis], queen of the chase, have both deserted me? Will you be good and do me a favour I am going to ask of you? Eros was the Greek god of love, son of Aphrodite and either Ares or Hermes. In some myths, he was considered a primordial god, a child of Chaos, who b. Briella. Age: 29. i offer sex oral & normal Eros Family Tree Jan 23, - In the primordial myths, according to Hesiod, Eros was born from Chaos after Gaia and Tartarus and was involved at the beginning of the creation of the cosmos, and he blessed the union of Gaia and Uranus, after which the universe was born. Homer makes no mention of Eros in his epics; however. Eros Greek God Family Tree Eros is the god of love and sexual desire according to the Greek mythology. He is a small boy.

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Lindsay. Age: 27. i always make sure you are comfortable and leave with a smile on your face See Article History. Eros, in Greek religion, god of love. In the Theogony of Hesiod (fl. bce), Eros was a primeval god, son of Chaos, the original primeval emptiness of the universe, but later tradition made him the son of Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love and beauty, by either Zeus (the king of the gods), Ares (god of war. May 6, - Eros was the Greek god of love, or more precisely, passionate and physical desire. Without warning he selects his targets and forcefully strikes at their.


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