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Oct 28, - So while you won't find "fetish" in the Bible, the Bible does talk about what is behind a fetish. The idea that an inanimate object having power over a person's desire is a part of what the Bible refers to as witchcraft. Witchcraft is strictly condemned by God in passages such as Deuteronomy Included. Is it sinful to have a sexual fetish? Karlee. Age: 30. merci Jesus taught us individually to rely on God and God alone as final and absolute perfection. Biblical hermeneutics keeps us faithful to the intended meaning of Scripture and away from allegorizing Bible verses that should be understood literally. Jan 5, - I am glad that your answers are right and correct and according with the Holy Bible, but I have this problem and I could use some help because I don't know what to think anymore. Here is the thing: I have had a foot fetish since I was a child. I was born with it. I didn't choose it or something else; it's just the. Svetlana. Age: 23. hello Norway’s Bible fetish: it’s outselling Fifty Shades of Grey Theres nothing wrong with a fetish in a marriage assuming it doesn't involve a third person, animal etc. And assuming your spouse is ok with it. Anyone who says fetishes are wrong needs bible verses that back that up because my bible says sex in marriage is a good thing and most things you do are  Is foot fetish a sin? Does the Bible say anything about having a sexual fetish? A sexual fetish is a strong interest in a particular part of the body or sexual practice. other spouse, make him or her uncomfortable, or become an obsession (an idol), then it seems there is nothing wrong with having a sexual fetish within the confines of marriage.

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Mirabella. Age: 19. I provide an attitude-free, non rushed, relaxing sensual experience A person who likes to fuck the bible or have a bible in the bed ect. when they are fucking someone else. Sometimes they make a hole all the way through it so they can stick there dick through it and fuck it that way. Dec 20, - Except, of course, that is precisely what the KJB was: an attempt by the Church of England to control the religious and cultural agenda. A team of academics was established in to translate the Bible in such a way that it bolstered the authority of the established church. James I gave the specific. Bible Fetish - posted in Theology: EVOLUTION OF THE FETISHIt was a supposed preference of ghosts to indwell some object which had belonged to them when alive in the flesh. This belief explains the efficacy of many modern relics. The ancients always revered the bones of their leaders, and the skeletal.


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