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Jan 3, - If you've ever wondered why men like to spank women during sex, you're not alone. But the truth isn't as mysterious as you might think. Here's why. The REAL Reasons Why Men Like To Spank Women | YourTango Nikolina. Age: 22. i am very sweet, fun loving girl. I enjoy having great time together! And i like men who are interested in making their time good and sexy ;). I am educated and open minded, and i like people who are having a great personality. For me it started when I had a girlfriend who really got off on being spanked. Medical advice is not allowed on reddit. Sep 24, - However, I am a man and have a few theories about why some like it. It's pretty simple: power. Without getting too psychoanalytical here, spanking puts the power in our hands, literally. And while most men wouldn't dream of harming a woman, spanking lets us get out some of that bottled up aggression in a. Beverly. Age: 18. Services: 69, CIM, COB, Company for Dinner, Different Positions, Erotic Massage, ExtraBall, French kissing, GFE, Hand job, High & Heels, Lingerie, Kissing, Massage, Masturbation, OWO MODERATORS Mar 20, - If you've ever wondered why guys like spanking during sex, here's us trying to answer that question. Jul 4, - I like a little spanking once in a while. Not too hard, but enough to sting my ass a bit. I think it is a dominance/submissive thing. I tend to be very submissive during sexual situations and most men love to feel dominant. A good spanking for their girl pumps up their dominance and also their libido. We are usually over theirĀ  Why do guys like to spank? - GirlsAskGuys.

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Sheena. Age: 21. N E W !! BedHead R E D D * * * S H E L B Y * * * If she was giving me a blow job, as I got closer to coming I would spank with greater frequency but extremely light, like a bunch of love taps. It was a natural reaction. 0. 0|0. 0|0. decemberxblue. mho 7%. Pleasure in giving her (Reasonable) pain. Never thought I'd say this before musing about your question, I'd say I'm a little. I've had men threaten to spank me but never did.:(:confused: I think spanking implies that a guy is dominant and manly.:p. I like a take charge kinda guy. I remember being little and watching cowboy movies with my Dad. I think one time John Wayne spanked a woman in a saloon. I was just 8 and I was like. Oct 22, - The buttocks in women have always been a source of fascination to men. At all time in history and in all culture of the world, the feminine buttocks have played a prominent role in sexuality. Apart from the breasts, there is no other part of a woman 's anatomy that men like to touch.


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