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Hello friends,. In my opinion this thread should be in the sexual health forum, but I can't start any topics there. I have gained about an inch in lenght and half an inch in circumference since I started and my EQ has shot through the roof. Sadly, there is a problem with that. My penis is so incredibly hard that it. [Advice] I (18M) can't bend my penis too far from my body when fully erect without pain : sex Adriana. Age: 28. Hello to all gentleman i'm balimnaz from turkey independent pre op transexual based in istanbul. I'm 30 years old, 178 cm tall, 70 kg weight, have long brown hair,brown eyes. Do you ever watch the same porn video more than once? Dec 20, - When I'm fully erect, my penis is very hard and its hard for it me to move it, for example down if I ever have sex. It curves up also and I don't know if this is Quick story, I got what I call a super-boner in math class one time, it was the second day of school too. Not just a normal boner of about 6 1/2", it was so. Cory. Age: 21. Hi, ich bin Luisa und ich warte schon sehnsuchtig auf deinen Anfuf Penis gets too hard Feb 5, - It felt as though my penis was going to burst and the closer I got to ejaculating the harder it got, like it wasn't going to stop getting harder. So my question is, is there a limit to how much blood the penis can take before/if it ruptures or bursts? Maybe it was only this hard because I haven't ejaculated in 14 days  Rubbery penis??? Penis gets too hard. yes, i am complaining about that me penis gets too hard, and when i say hard i mean rock hard, steel pipe hard. u cannot bend it, and its very uncomfortable. I feel I cannot have sex because of this. How hard is it supposed to get? is it normal? Is s Mens Health - Penis.

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Lia. Age: 29. Hello there and welcome handsome Apr 25, - I think this might be medication related too. My penis becomes erect as usual, but it is too hard and it means that it is less susceptible to friction so orgasming is impossible. [–]Lajak_Anni 0 points1 point2 points 2 years ago (0 children). So, my dick points straight up, and can point straight down or even past and it doesn't hurt. In fact the stretch feels kinda nice sometimes, as i get "marble hard"as my girlfriend calls it. I ask cause i thought this was normal, not the opposite.I masturbated too hard and ripped my dick off, how do I. Aug 8, - Yours is normal dude, if not a bit less erect than most guys. Most guys your age point straight upward, and no, it does not move downwards, not supposed to. The flexible penises you see in porn are the product of vacuum pumps, which is why they never get rock hard nor go down to full flaccid- not a good.


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