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superbpayday.info: GENTS Genital/Groin Antiperspirant Serum: Beauty. Directions for Use: Depress pump twice onto fingers and massage serum into skin on inner thighs, bottocks, anus and outer genitalia: penis and testicles (for men), I didn't see much of a change in my sweating and now I feel like it was a waste of money. Odor coming from anus, please read (lengthy). at Body Odor Forum, topic Beata. Age: 30. 100%!!!!!!!!! Independent There was a problem completing your request. I generally don't have bad breath, even when I wake up in the morning, and whatever minimal armpit odor I have is easily controlled with a little bit of deodorant/antiperspirant. And anyway, those odors smell like normal B.O. that everyone is subject to--in other words, they don't smell like sh*t. My anal region, on the otherĀ  strong fecal odor coming from anus at Body Odor Forum, topic. Terry. Age: 22. ariana xxx I just used deodorant as an anal lube May 19, - It's like I sweat a lot down there and it just has a really sweaty vaginal odor. I bathe regularly but FDS didn't seem to help any. Cornstarch and powders work It seems that gel deodorants (Mitchum/Soft & Dri) are the only products that will control the odor for more than one hour (not long enough). Is using. Jan 2, - This is not just a spray to mask the bad smell between your butt but it kills the bacteria and neutralize the superbpayday.info wipes which do not reach every part of your butt crack this spray goes there and freshen your butt. It great for persons who have anal leakage,swamp ass,IBS, CROHN'S DISEASE and.

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Alex. Age: 19. My name is Sophia ! I am a beautiful Russian lady with all natural body big brown eyes and fantastic skills ! Aug 20, - As a daily deodorant user, I was curious to see what would happen if I went au-natural. Would skipping deodorant change me or would it just make everyone around me not want to be near me? Let's find out. Day 1, Monday: Woo! It was 83 degrees today, but I guess it could be worse. I didn't have much. Mar 16, - While there are some pretty damning things about deodorant and anti-perspirants, they are still very useful. I recently made the switch to a natural deodorant so I feel much better about what I'm putting on my body. Deodorant is great and makes you smell nice and pretty, even if you're sweating like a pig. Jungleman deodorant is the best there' My body doesn't respond to commercial deodorants and in fact they made matters worse. I spent I was using this natural deodorant (not Toms) and it burned my under arms so I stopped wearing deodorant for like a month. I just got . They just didn't work for me.


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