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Sep 11, - To boost your female genitalia IQ, Women’s Health has compiled a list of seven eye-opening facts about the clitoris that will make your head spin right round, right round. The clitoris is not shaped like a penis, but it is similar to the male anatomy because it has a glans, a. Clitoris - Anatomy and Function Ally. Age: 27. I'm hot and sensual!! avaible 24 hours a day in tokyo jast call me and your dream will be true, for you my best!! full service!!! if request anal!! of course!! and more and more A number of physical and behavioural abnormalities were detected but the only consistent finding in all 23 animals was a short vagina which varied in length from 3. The clitoris is a small projection of erectile tissue in the vulva of the female reproductive system. It contains thousands of nerve endings that make it an extremely sensitive organ. Touch stimulation of the nerve endings in the clitoris produces sensations of sexual pleasure. The clitoris is structurally and functionally. Jessa. Age: 23. The best is to visit my personal web for all details and information SWEETANA 9 Interesting Things You May Not Know About the Clitoris Clitoris: Clitoris, female erogenous organ capable of erection under sexual stimulation. A female homologue of the male penis, the clitoris develops (as does the penis) from the. Jun 15, - If there were a GPS device that could show you where to find the clitoris, we'd probably all be a lot happier. The thing is, lots of people don't know where the clitoris is, and many of us are too afraid to ask for directions. But you're not an idiot if you aren't sure where or what the clitoris is, because it's not as.

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Nylon. Age: 26. Hello everyone Feb 11, - You'd be surprised. You know that tiny feel-good button between a woman's legs? That's the clitoris and, speaking figuratively, it's anything but tiny. In fact, it's a powerful organ of sexual pleasure that comes complete with a surprising number of fun facts. You'll be surprised by how much this tiny organ's got. May 6, - Yes, you heard that right, there's a whole week dedicated to your lady button, so whip out those clitoris-shaped balloons! Clitoris Awareness Week runs from May and is sponsored by Clitoraid, a private non-profit organization dedicated to assisting victims of female genital mutilation. According to their. Introduction. The clitoris is often considered the female version of the penis and less studied compared to its male counterpart. Nonetheless, it carries the same importance in sexual functioning. While it has more recently been allocated the appreciation it deserves, the clitoris should be examined as a separate and unique.


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