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Vanessa. Age: 28. Yes, it can become reality and not just a mirrored dream, unleash your desire… come, explore a world of fantasy and reality, a world where I can take you WHACK SMACK WHACK he began hand spanking the seat of Amy's pj teddy hard and fast. Kelli said she could tell from the sound of the spanks that Amy was wearing thick panties under her thick one-piece, but those spanks had to hurt. "Ow OW OW Daddy! Stop!" Amy squealed and reached her one free hand back to  Missing: waaaa. The first spanking will be a hand spanking over her panties; then with the paddle, and then with the paddle on the bare. Ruth rose her hand over Diana, and landed it on her panty clad bottom. SWAT! "Ow! One!" SPANK! "Owww! Two!!" SMACK! "YEOW! THREE!" WHAP! "Owowowowow! Four!" SWAT! "Waaa! Sev'n! Sev'n! Oooo-ow! Ouch! Oww! Oooo-ow! Please! Im sorry! Im sorry! Ow-ow-oww!" "Youre going to be sorry, young man, and a lot sorrier after all the whippings youve got coming and after Im finished with you." WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He continued to spank my year-old.


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