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(Roberts, ) and has the potential to neutralise vaginal acid. Vaginal pH was measured by radio-telemetry in a fertile human couple during coitus. The pH rose from. to within 8s of the arrival of semen and no change .. Rapid transport of sperm through the uterus by myometrial contractions may enhance sperm. Semen | SexInfo Online Gizelle. Age: 20. I like music, theatre, good food and exotic place. Fukuda and Fukuda interpreted ultrasound images of the uteri of women in the late follicular phase to indicate that the uterine cavity is filled with mucus. Thus, sperm must somehow use their limited resources to maintain their fertility in the face of numerous impediments. Masters and Johnson claimed that the stronger the orgasm, the greater the number of contractions and thus the longer the duration of orgasm. They labeled “mild orgasms” as having an average of three to five vaginal contractions with each lasting to seconds, “normal orgasms” as involving four to eight vaginal. Lezley. Age: 25. Don't hesitate to call me..... Orgasms and making babies? This lubricant also increases the amount of oxygen available to sperm cells, which allows more sperm to survive Orgasm involves vaginal and uterine contractions that may also play a role in helping to get sperm into the cervix and through the uterus. It has not been proven that a woman is more likely to conceive in a sex. Semen (meaning seed in Latin), male ejaculate, or “cum," is a combination of seminal fluid and mature sperm (spermatozoa), which is ejaculated through the urethra The resulting mixture of semen is then expelled through the length of the penis and out the tip by the rhythmic contractions of the bulbospongiosus muscle.

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Spencer. Age: 23. Hey! Im Kat Female orgasm may also allow sperm to enter the cervix more quickly by resolving the “vaginal tenting” of sexual arousal, which elevates the cervix from the posterior vaginal wall, removing it Second, the vaginal contractions associated with female orgasm may excite male ejaculation (Fox and Fox ; Meston et al. Another contribution to the adaptation school of thought is the "sperm up-suck theory," which contends that uterine contractions along with oxytocin release during orgasm suction potent semen upward into the vaginal canal [source: Lloyd]. According to zoologist Robin Baker, who popularized the long-held theory with his. The idea is quite simple: female orgasm causes the uterus to “upsuck” sperm through the vaginal canal, thus increasing the chances of fertilization. Lloyd writes, “If the Lloyd writes, “the contractions of orgasm start at the back or the top of the uterus and go down through the middle, ending in the cervix. In other words.


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