Aroused vagina vs normal vagina

During arousal, blood flow to the genitals increases. The increased blood flow helps to spur the production of vaginal lubrication, and causes swelling in the clitoris, labia minora, labia majora, and vagina. How much lubrication a woman produces varies widely and also from one sexual encounter to the next, since stress. Female sexual arousal - Live Well - NHS Choices Stacy. Age: 23. I'm Katy, 25 years old, from Latvia independent escort girl There often also comes this strong desire to be…filled. When the female experiences sexual arousal, the vagina elongates, expands, and becomes lubricated. Sometimes additional lubrication may be needed to increase comfort during sexual activities. Normally, the vagina is inhabited by large quantities of “friendly” or "healthy" bacteria that convert sugars into lactic acid. Alison. Age: 20. 3 HOUR 1300 TL+TAXI Does Vagina Size Matter? Feb 20, - Find out 8 surprising facts you may not have known about your vagina. with chemical dyes or fragrances, can irritate the vagina and wash away the beneficial lubricants and flora (bacteria and yeast) that are normal and natural, she says. "It can double in length when aroused," Dr. Rankin explains. Jul 15, - Sometimes during penetration, a penis or other object inserted in a vagina does hit the cervix. This may be an indication that the woman is not physiologically aroused enough; when she is more aroused, her vagina will elongate and her cervix, the neck of the uterus, will lift up and move out of the way.

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Astra. Age: 29. Independent, elegant, natural, discreet Stage 1: sexual excitement or arousal. When a woman becomes aroused (turned on), the blood vessels in her genitals dilate. There is increased blood flow in the vaginal walls, which causes fluid to pass through them. This is the main source of lubrication, which makes the vagina wet. The external genitalia or vulva. Oct 13, - My breathing normally speeds up, and mentally I just shift into this more sex-centered zone where I feel this need to be stimulated so very much or if with a partner then things like kiss them. Also when I'm aroused I get wet (obviously) and my labia gets thicker, and the muscles of my vagina contract. Dec 4, - A reader submitted the following question: "How deep is a typical vagina? I hear a lot about penis size, but what about The length was even longer ( cm or inches) when measured during sexual arousal with a vaginal speculum in place. Thus, the depth of the vagina (just like the length of the.


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