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Young lady takes charge of two twenty-somethings. Karen puts her mother into a chastity belt. Professor disciplines two female graduate students. The women take a break from their busy lives. Fay and Nadia get naughtier and dirtier together. and other exciting erotic at! humiliation, pee, panties, spanking - Story Tags - Aglaya. Age: 19. let's Play In one corner was a double stainless steel sink, and along the same wall a toilet. Young lady takes charge of two twenty-somethings. The women take a break from their busy lives. Ally teaches Liza how to pee. Young spoiled wife humiliates daughter-in-law. and other exciting erotic at! Samantha. Age: 26. Hi, i am monique and i love meeting up for a hot and sensual encounter... ‘pee’ stories Mr. Posh watches Kathy pee. More. Angela learns the ropes of working at Padded Bliss. Part 2. Vala Amuses herself on a train with two strangers. Lily's quest continues Vala discovers her body. Doctor earns his patient's trust with sex. and other exciting erotic at! "When you pull my hair, or spank me. When you call me names." He yanked. "You love that don't you you little cum-rag?" "Yes," I squeaked out as best I could. "Now I can add toilet seat to the list. Do you like that?" Toilet seat. It didn't have the same ring to it as slut, or even cum rag. It didn't make my clit swell. It seemed kind.

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Lola. Age: 29. Your pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow Ever since my dad was lost in a war several years ago, my Mom has often found herself taking me across her lap and lowering my panties for a spanking. . But I did notice that on the sixth stroke, Glenda must have let out just a tiny amount of pee because I saw it ooze out from her front and hit her panty crotch which was. "Place yourself over my lap, raise your skirt, then ask me to spank you." "Yes Master. For a moment, she was still, but soon the continuing spanking had her squirming once again, and was that a small sob I heard? "Well . She tucked my cock away with a look of disappointment, then asked "Master, can I please go pee?". And I really do have to pee." "After I spank you, I'll teach you how to pee standing up squatting over the bowl. Now follow me into the house. Jeez, that would be so humiliating. He led Nancy out of the garage and into the house, down a hall, and into a room she would become very familiar with over time. The entire floor was.


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