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Mar 10, - Largest Vagina In The World This isn't official, but pretty sure the world's biggest vagina belonged to Anna Swan. She was a giant (actual; 7 feet, 8 inches). Who Has The World's Biggest Vagina? | YourTango Pressley. Age: 25. I'm a fun and sultry BBW with tan skin, thick long legs, and full pouty lips Skip to content Got an Odd Story? Sep 9, - Six sex world records that will blow your mind. FROM the world's largest vagina to the longest ejaculation, here are six sex world records. The world’s biggest vagina belonged to Anna Swan () and it’s circumference measured 19ins (48cm). Natalie. Age: 24. Visiting/travelling in europe & worldwide by prior agreements and pre-booked meetings only! Meet The Woman With The Largest Vagina Ever Recorded Sep 11, - THESE bizarre sex world records will blow your mind. Jun 23, - The next time someone tells you about a big vagina (probably in five minutes), remember the story of Anna Bates, owner of the world's biggest vagina.

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September. Age: 30. I love to have fun, laugh,and cuddle,i 'm honest,genuine,and down right normal Jun 29, - Sex is a lot of things: it's fun, adventurous, romantic, strange — and at times, it's even competitive. From the world's largest vagina to the oldest working, living sex worker, there are a slew of sexual records that are as fascinating as they are weird. For instance, the dude with the world's largest penis (we'll let. The Largest Vagina most likely belonged to Scottish giantess Anna Swan (), a remarkable woman who set a number of records relating to her bulk. Born normally sized, she began growing at a prodigious rate in childhood, finally reaching a m. Mar 18, - World's Biggest vagina. 2. A woman in the s named Anna Swan has the world record for the largest vagina. At a whopping 13 inches in depth, Swan's vagina definitely had some extra leg room. But we should probably mention she was 7 foot, 8 inches so perhaps everything was just in proportion.


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