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I'm male in my mid twenties, and I've been wondering this for a while, years even. Whats supposed to happen if you continue to masturbate after 25m continued stimulation after orgasm makes me need. Is it possible to continue after first ejaculation? - Thunder's Place Jaelyn. Age: 20. Quickie Sometimes it can be oversensitive after orgasm but not always. Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. Dec 28, - I usually need about 15 seconds with no stim, just pressure, until the peak of the orgasm passes, then I want Bud to start rubbing or licking again away from the clit for a little bit more. Fingers or cock in the vaj can provide pressure and mo Can men continue to have sex after ejaculation? Carmel. Age: 30. I am VIP Veronica-an Elite Atlanta Escort Give her a 30-minute orgasm So we can continue and I don't have to think so much about “holding back.” My question was pertaining more to the pain felt in the glans and continuing to fuck in spite of it, not so much about the erection. I tend to stay hard after shooting, just want to work at continuing stimulation. In the past I new a couple. I did all women a service by talking to two actual magical sex unicorns about when, why, and most importantly, HOW they achieve multiple orgasms. Below, one straight woman (A) and one bisexual woman (B) give you all the tools you need. By Anna Breslaw. Mar 5, When was your first multiple orgasm? Woman A.

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Lucinda. Age: 22. 1 st contact by mail, i have Viber / WhatsApp /Kik He was amazed as was I, that I was still having orgasms that would last up to an hour or more after sex. We are both wondering if this is normal and what is causing me to continue to have these multiple orgasms. After he pulls out, I can still feel his penis inside me. I experience pulsations and tingling in my. Jan 22, - Yes. During the first part of the refractory period - the time after ejaculation before a guy can have sex again - the head of the penis gets very sensitive. For some guys it would be mildly uncomfortable to receive further stimulation, some guys find it excruciating. However teenage guys often have such a quick. Feb 15, - As you continue to stimulate her clitoris, she should begin her pelvic-floor squeezes while breathing deeply from the stomach. After the orgasm, you should feel the vagina start to draw back, but the aim in ESO is to prolong the contractions, so keep your fingers inside her vagina, stroking gently until she.


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