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Jun 27, - For masturbation purposes, Petroleum Jelly is fine, just make sure that you never use it for insertion, as it leaves residue behind and can lead to bacterial growth (ie: yeast). Most masturbatory lubricants/creams are silicone-, oil-, or petroleum-based so that it remains slick until it is washed off. Rarely will you. masturbating with vaseline??? plz help - Sexual Health - Teens Message Board - HealthBoards Zoe. Age: 29. Fancy having an experience rather than a service? Does generic brand make any difference? What for and where: Jul 7, - vaseline is an ok lube, bro it will do the trick, but is kinda messy to clean upsince it is petroleum based it doesn't wash off well and can stain clothingbest to jo with vaseline right before getting in the shwoerthere are lots of other alternatives thoughfirst and most common is spit, not the slickest one. Tatiyana. Age: 20. I offer you services in a hight class privat location masturbating with vaseline??? plz help Jul 23, - Can you use Vaseline or petroleum jelly as lube for masturbating? I'm female and I was just wondering, I heard it can cause yeast infections because Anal Masturbation. Oct 3, - Vaseline as lube has been used by individuals since time immemorial. However, there have been bitter critics of this habit of using Vaseline as a personal lube. The culprit in these cases was identified as Vaseline. Women applied it down there to masturbate and then did not clean it away properly.

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Cassie. Age: 28. I love the company of older gentlemen Mar 12, - If you do use Vaseline as lube with a partner, and he wears a condom, the Vaseline could ruin the condom, leaving you with the chance to get pregnant. If you masturbate with Vaseline, and you don't clean it out enough and then you have sex with a partner, you still run this risk. So what should you use if. Lube: Enhancing sex!: Many products can be used to enhance the sexual pleasure with masturbation and with another partner. I would advise you to use a variety of products.; to experiment and explore your sexuality in as many healthy ways as Read more ยท When masturbating and using vaseline work and make her feel. Feb 26, - Tell your friend the moon is made of cheese - there is as much truth in this as his comment! If you are at all worried about using vaseline (but I wouldnt be) then get some proper lube or use baby oil or similar. One point to remember - anthing oil based like vaseline petrolium jelly, baby oil or similar is not.


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